Commercial Insurance


We offer insurance packages that are tailored for different types of businesses. Whether it is insurance for your building, business property, equipment, inventory or company vehicles, we offer products and services to protect your business. In addition, we offer group health and retirement plans.

Property Insurance

Property Coverage safeguards your business’s inventory, equipment and fixtures against theft loss or damage. There are two basic types of business policies: “named peril” which covers only the events listed in a policy and“all risks” covering all events except those specifically excluded (like earthquake and flooding).

Every day your business isn’t open is a day your business isn’t making money. Business Interruption Insurance can keep things running. There are several types, but the most common is Business Income Insurance; which covers lost revenue, payroll for your employees, expenses and other costs while you’re preparing to reopen. Premiums for this type of coverage are based on your company’s balance sheet and other factors.

BE AWARE: After a major disaster it can take more time than you think to get back on track. So check your policy’s limits. You can also get Extra Expense Insurance which covers costs like temporary relocation (while you’re waiting for damage to be repaired).

If your business is dependent on suppliers, Contingent Business Interruption or Supply Chain Coveragecompensates you if damage at a supplier’s location affect your ability to do business.

Civil Authority Coverage pays if you’re denied access to your business due to damage to the surrounding area.

One out of every three small business owners has been sued or threatened with a law suit…even if your business did nothing wrong! General Liability Insurance is there to protect against this risk. The type and amount of liability insurance you need depends on the nature of your business.

BE AWARE, insurance companies can tailor liability insurance to the specific risks in your field. For example, Product Liability Insurance pays for damages and legal expenses if a customer is harmed. Professional Liabilityprotects your business if a customer sues you for negligence or malpractice.

Employment Practices Liability covers claims for harassment, discrimination or wrongful termination

Business Auto Insurance

Business Auto coverage insures vehicles that are owned, leased, hired or borrowed by businesses, whether they are associations, corporations, partnerships or sole proprietorships. Business Auto coverage may be used to insure private passenger autos and all types of trucks, trailers, semitrailers and commercial vehicles designed for use on public roads. We can give you more details about specific coverages and deductibles and about tailoring a Business Auto plan that’s right for you and your business.

Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation coverage applies to bodily injury and diseases arising out of and in the course of employment. Any bodily injury must be accidental, and the term includes death resulting from the accident. Only occupational diseases, which are unique to the occupation, are covered.

Workers' Compensation provides for the payment of four types of benefits:

A representative can provide you with complete details on Workers' Compensation Insurance and recommend cost-effective ways to control expenses through safety engineering and claim services.

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